Cockatoo Consulting has many years experience in helping clients realise their dreams.

Our principal, Rod Brown, has worked in senior levels of the Australian Government (Canberra, Melbourne) and the OECD (Paris) collaborating with stakeholders to facilitate investments and jobs. For the last fifteen years, he has also done the same from the other side of the desk. Our associates all have complementary mindsets and skills.

We realise peoples’ dreams by a variety of means – scoping ideas, undertaking research, market research, preparing scoping studies and feasibility studies, finding investment partners, accessing federal and state grants, putting people in contact with each other and helping to develop clusters and networks.

We also walk the talk on collaboration! Our approach is to share ideas and agendas with other collaborative folk – they include company executives, government officials, academics, industry association executives, farmers, regional development practitioners, politicians, students and retirees.

At the last count, our network reached into 20 nations, mostly in Asia, Europe and North America.

A particular technique that we use is funding cocktails – where we mix funds from different sources to lower risks and spread costs. These cocktails might be within or between public and private sectors.

A current priority is a project to link clusters across the world, because we figure that companies and people with collaborative mindsets gravitate to cluster and network agendas.

Other priorities are ‘Lighthouse Projects’ that involve best practice. This is our mantra because there’s no point in accepting second-rate outcomes and funding agencies invariably want to be involved in the best projects.

We also offer Inner Circle membership at $A200 per year – this includes a weekly newsletter called ‘Cockatoo Friday’ as well as ‘Cockatoo Connect’ that brings urgent information to the attention of members, and connects people with people.

Our base is Canberra, Australia’s beautiful capital city.

Rod Brown – CEO

Rod picRod Brown specialises in industry and regional development, investment attraction and international collaboration. He has held senior positions with the Australian Government, the Australian Manufacturing Council and the OECD.

Rod now leads the Cockatoo Network which brings together collaborative people across the globe to pursue best practice outcomes. As part of that work, Rod authors the Good Oil column (Local Government Focus newspaper). He also closely tracks public and private sector funding programs, and prepares submissions to those programs.

Lobbying is another facet of Cockatoo Consulting – it is a registered lobbyist with the Australian Government.

Collaboration is the mantra of Cockatoo Consulting.

Rod’s top tips in respect of winning collaborative outcomes are:

  1. All parties need to win – the key is to identify partners with similar or complementary objectives. And they must be trustworthy.
  2. Every project or idea needs 3-4 champions to maintain forward momentum. And these champions will invariably have different mindsets and goals. So don’t lose faith if there are a few rough spots along the road.
  3. Find ways to address ‘coordination failure’ – someone has to be charged with connecting the dots.

Our experience

Project Scoping - 25 years
Clustering - 20 years
Accessing Govt Funding - 8 years
Accessing Private Funding- 7 years

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